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News from the Alumni

May, 2006

Board Minutes-North College Hill Alumni Association Meeting-May 4, 2006

Members in Attendance: Charlie Ashing, Marvin Kolozdik, Galye Clyburn, Marilyn Thomas, Dawn Backus, Barb Graves, Gary Gellert
March minutes and current treasurer report reviewed and approved.
North College Hill Alumni Association has been approved for Tax-Exempt status with the IRS.
Directory is moving ahead, Charlie and Gary were involved with Harris and NCH attorney to make sure all was appropriate. Gary has sent Harris NCH letterhead and logo for the next phase.
Barb and Gayle will arrange to get the 2nd corn hole set signed by the basketball team. Raffle tickets will be available in Joe Nickel’s office and advertised in the Hilltop and on the district website.
Dawn will contact Company Casual (alumni) to check quality and price of Hats, t-shirts and sweatshirts. Barb will contact Barb Nickel to help set up a website to sell this spirit wear. Barb Graves has agreed to take charge of this venture. Gary has offered the help of the students in the newly developed class Sports and Entertainment Marketing to help with the process.
50 people signed up interested in and Alumni Golf Outing, Charlie and Leslie Graves will be checking on the feasibility of having it Aug. 7 or 14 at Clovernook Country Club.
Barb will be contacting Jamie Mahaffey about the Alumni Association organizing a sports stag:
            Possibilities: Clovernook?
                                    Check into how UC has people pay extra to play for players
Ways to increase school spirit:
            Barb’s daughter wrote us suggestions of things she would like to see happen at the school.
            Create a Principal’s Leadership Team
                        Gary, Gayle, Charlie and Kelly will get 2 students for grades 8 – 11 that show positive signs of being able to lead and earn the respect of their classmates. They are meeting at lunch on Tuesday May 23rd, and hold an open discussion on how to help create a more positive atmosphere at NCH. Gary will check into leadership training available at Miami University.
Next meeting Thursday, June 8, 2006-1:00 p.m. at Clovernook Country Club

Junior/Senior HIgh School

Ann Brinkley

Assistant Principal

Joseph Loechle

Assistant Principal

728-4783 ext. 881


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News on the Hill, First Edition, 2007


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News on the Hill, second edition, Oct. 8, 2007

(Click on photo for staff directory)

North College Hill Junior/Senior High School

See what's happening at the Jr./Sr. High School:

Parent-Teacher conferences will be held on Monday, October 29 from 4:00 PM to 8:00 Pm and Tuesday, October 30, from 4:00 PM to 7:30 PM in the Van Zandt Gymnasium and cafeteria located in our Junior High School.  Report Cards will be distributed.  It is recommended that each parent take the time to meet with every teacher.  Parent-Teacher communication is essential to student success in school.

Seventh and eighth grade teachers meet with parents in the cafeteria.  Ninth through twelfth grade teachers meet with parents in the Van Zandt Gym.  Parents may attend conferences any time they wish; an appointment is not necessary.  Please keep in mind that the busiest time is 4:00 PM on the first day of conferences.  Also, please consider that Mrs. Bole will be available only on Monday, October 29.

Several of our students have not paid their fees for the 2007/2008 school year.  If your son or daughter still owes fees, please contact Mrs. Myers in order to pay those fees or to set up a payment arrangement.

Students have been working very hard and, hopefully, this will be reflected in their first quarter report cards.  If you have any questions, please contact the main office at 728-4783.


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Board Presentation

Message from the principal:

The Jr.-Sr. High School is implementing the Ohio Integrated Systems Model (OISM) this school year. OISM is a comprehensive school-wide prevention model that provides support systems which address both academic and behavioral needs of all students. As part of OISM we want to acknowledge students that are meeting academic and/or behavioral expectations. “Catch Me at My Best” is a ticket system that is utilized to recognize students on a daily basis who demonstrate our school-wide expectations:
             Be Here, Be Ready
                Be Respectful
                Be Responsible
The school-wide expectations were taught during the first week of school. The teachers taught these behaviors for all settings: classroom, library, hallway, restrooms, auditorium, office, and arrival and dismissal.
In addition, we are implementing monthly attendance breakfasts, Student of the Month lunches, and quarterly Academic, Attitude and Attendance Celebrations.
We are committed to ensuring that your child has a safe learning environment. We need your help to make this occur. Please talk with your child about not fighting at school and if you are aware of a potential problem, please contact an administrator or guidance counselor. If your child is in the proper location there is always an adult he/she can turn to for assistance. With your support, we can ensure a safe learning environment.
Another area where we need your assistance is with cell phones. Recently, the Board of Education adopted a new cell phone policy which will be put into effect on January 17, 2007. 
We need you to partner with us to address the cell phone issue. Please remind your child that if they need to bring their phone to school, it should be turned off as they enter the school and that it must be placed in his/her locker. Please call your child’s cell phone during the school day to check that it is off. If you find that the cell phone is on, please address this with your child at home.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school office at 728-4783. We are looking forward to working with you during the school year to ensure your child’s academic and behavioral success

Progress Book:

NCH Jr./Sr. High School now has the capability to post your child's assignments and progrss on the web.  To view your reports, type in the Progress Book address in your web browser: (or click on the picture to the left).  Locate and click the icon for NCH School District.  You will then be prompted to enter your Username and Password.

Once you have successfully entered your login, follow the onscreen directions and you will be able to perform additional tasks that will simplify future logins to Progress Book.  For example, you will be able to change your login name and/or password.

To obtain login name and password information, please contact the main office at 728-4783.

Homework Hotline:

Reminder that homework hotlines are updated daily.  Hotlines may be accessed by dialing 931-8181 and pressing * plus the extension.  Please click on picture for a link to the homework hotline extensions.

Be sure to visit the District Information page.  You will find a presentation and an animation with an exciting view of things to come concerning school buildings in our district!


  • Parent Conferences will be held Monday evening, October 29 from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM and Tuesday evening October 30, from 4:00 PM to 7:30 PM in the Van Zandt Gymnasium and cafeteria located in our Junior High School.

  • There will be NO SCHOOL on Friday, October 26 and Friday, November 2.

  • If you have not yet paid your child's school fees, please contact Mrs. Myers at 728-4783.  Payment plans are available.

  • The district is recycling paper and invites the community to participate. Yellow and green Abitibi Paper Retrievers are located at each of our elementary schools and will be coming soon to the junior-senior high school.  Catalogues, newspapers and paper from the community are welcomed.  Just drop by one of our elementary schools and recycle your paper.  The buildings will receive some money for each ton of paper recycled.      


  • NORTH COLLEGE HILL COMMUNITY CONCERNS GROUP - ADOPT A BLOCK PROGRAM 2006*   Adopt A Block is simply a pledge to clean your block once a week for a specified time, be it 3 months, 6 months, or indefinitely.  All you need are rubber gloves, a garbage bag, about 20 minutes of time, and the desire to make a difference.  You are asked to clean the street area, the area between the curb and sidewalk, and along the edge of properties.  In doing this, you will hopefully meet some of your neighbors, and be friendlier with those you meet.  We will then have the cleanest blocks and perhaps the friendliest in the City.  An extra bonus is that we will be setting a good example for the youth in our community, and perhaps some will join in this effort.  Certificates will be available for youth who need community service hour credits, be it for school or scouts.  The reward will be pride in a job well done.  For those interested, call Pat Hendricks (521-6324) or Elverna Murray (521-6710).  We ask only for your name and address, and the block you wish to "adopt".  We need to know who is working each block that is involved in this project so we are not duplicating efforts.  An announcement of the commitment of residents who respond will be read at the monthly meetings of the NCH Community Concerns Group.  The meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, 7 p.m., at the Senior Citizen Center, 1586 Goodman Ave.  Why not join us and learn what we are about.  It is free.


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