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Pharmacy USP 797


Angstrom Technology can provide a Class 7 cleanroom for your pharmacy using a modular wall system or a rigid wall free-standing room (pictured below) complete with separate Buffer room and Ante room or simply divide the room based on your requirements.  We can provide a complete turnkey solution, or work with your Engineering department to supply cleanroom components and design help.  In addition we have stainless steel furniture, sinks, and other cleanroom furniture, as well as a complete selection of cleanwear and other supplies.

Laminar and Chemo Hoods

Germfree Laboratories manufactures the finest Laminar Flow Hoods and Class II Type A and B Biosafety Cabinets (Chemo Hoods), constructed of all stainless steel.  Germfree has been serving Pharmacists for over 40 years!

Germfree has one of the smallest Chemo Hoods on the market for very tight spaces, but also has a wide variety of hoods up to 8' long.  In addition, Germfree can design custom sizes through their Purified division.  Just let us know how we can help!

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